Other Resources

Other Resources
Wellbeing Economists Worth Visiting
  • Hazel Henderson – Hidden Economies: Webinars
  • Kate Raworth – Doughnut Economics: Website
  • Mark Anielski – Economics of Wellbeing: Podcast
  • Katherine Trebeck
  • Denise Hearn – Embodied Economics:  Website
  • Rob Johnson at The Institute for New Economic Thinking, Podcast
  • Rutger Hoekstra – Replacing GDP by 2030 Book: Website
  • Marianna Mazzacuto – Mission Economy: A Moonshot Guide to Changing Capitalism: Book
  • Michael Weatherhead
  • Gabriel Zucman 
  • Michele Zanini 
  • Thomas Pikkerty
  • Jason Hickel: Video
  • Tim Jackson
Online Resource Centers
Governments Resources

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