About Us

About Us

WEAll California is a partnership between the Institute for Ecological Civilization and Wellbeing Economy Alliance.


We envision a harmonious, just, and regenerative economy that allows all Californians to thrive. Wellbeing of all people and the planet are put above profit and growth.


WEAll California works with local leaders to engage citizens in participatory democracy, social cohesion and regenerative economy innovations to build virtuous cycles of economic prosperity.

What is a Wellbeing Economy?

A Wellbeing Economy serves people and the planet. It is an alternative to the radical concentration of wealth, exploitation of workers, and degradation of the planet modeled by our current global economy. This involves a fundamental paradigm shift in several key areas:

  • We place people and nature at the heart of system design
  • We choose Quality of Life over productivity
  • We develop Shared Values and Goals for our community
  • We create an economic system that makes people feel safe, connected and supported
  • We empower citizens to hope and vitality to creatively contribute to the community


  • Local Wellbeing Economy work in the City of Pomona 
  • Build a Statewide Coalition of People working towards Wellbeing Economies
  • Conversations with Wellbeing Innovators
  • A Step By Step Guide to Building a Wellbeing Economy in your community


If your city might be a candidate for our Wellbeing Economy work, please contact us.


Compassion, Freedom, Diversity, Creativity, Communion


Mailing Address:

2358 University Avenue #2189

San Diego CA 92104