What is a Wellbeing Economy?

You might be familiar with similar terms like regenerative, sustainable or circular economies.

We agree with the principles these terms represent and want them included in our vision of a healthy society.

We use the term Wellbeing Economy to offer a holistic view of the world where wellbeing of all people and the natural world are centered first.    Wellbeing includes mental health, physical health and deep connection to the people in your local community.

What Does the California Hub of the Wellbeing Economy Alliance Do?

We believe that all of the problems and solutions are interconnected and that the way forward requires collective action and improved collaboration.  To foster this, we bring people together to learn from each other, foster local projects and organize resources so it is easier for people to find tools or support.

We believe increasing local democratic participation, community building, coalition building are as key to our vision of a beautiful society as our innovative economic policies.

To Learn More About What We Do: