Our vision for the future requires an economy that is centered around wellbeing. That is wellbeing of the whole. When we say the whole we include people who may be struggling. We also include all of nature. Our individual capacity to thrive is connected to how our local community is doing and how others around the globe are faring. We are all individuals-in-community participating in a global community-of-communities. 

What does putting the wellbeing of the whole at the center look like? It means not reducing the value of people and the planet to the mere amount of money we make for the economy. We do not exist to serve the economy. The economy exists to serve the needs of society; this includes providing access to basic necessities and opportunities for flourishing, all the while doing so in a sustainable way on our finite planet. Essentially, it entails cultivating open mindsets that think about thriving and working together to co-create new possibilities.

We humans have enormous talent, brainpower, and creativity. If we can collaborate and build upon one another’s successes, we can create a society well beyond our current imaginations. One filled with limitless joy, deep connection, and meaning.

The Resource Center was created to help you deepen your belief that another way is possible, to see what others are doing to make this vision come alive and to unlock your own potential to contribute.

And if you are curious, you may want to read a little about Our Current Economic Narrative.

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