Declare a Wellbeing Government

Declare A Wellbeing Government​

People are acknowledging that our society’s relentless focus on profit and growth is hurtling us towards a multipronged crisis. 

Countries like Scotland, Canada and New Zealand have committed to forming “Wellbeing Economy Governments” and created frameworks where positive, holistic visions are being turned into policy frameworks.  In these new frameworks, wellbeing of people and nature are at the center of policy design.

Each country has crafted their own wording and imagery, yet the themes are consistent:

  • Decisions are made for the collective, common good; not to drive wealth for individuals
  • Increased engagement of people in their communities and democracy
  • Protecting and cherishing the natural world
  • Recognizing that health, mental health and community are essential to wellbeing
  • Making wise decisions for the next 7 generations
  • Embodying wellbeing in budget, programs and messaging
  • Designing our education programs to create whole, flourishing people

You have an opportunity to get your local leaders to declare that they are committed to the health and wellbeing of your community.  

Let WEAll California assist you in creating your own Wellbeing Economy Declaration.

The declaration should have an impact on how decisions are made and include some metrics to trumpet the ongoing results. Contact us for more details.

Please sign on to our campaign to get Governor Newsom to establish a Wellbeing Economy Framework for California.   You can read more and sign on here.

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