Create Your Own Local Wellbeing Economy

How WEAll CA Can Help Create
Your Local Wellbeing Economy

The work of creating a worldwide Wellbeing Economy is also the work of creating Local Wellbeing Economies. 

WEAll California works with local non profits and coalitions to build or extend their own Wellbeing Economy.   

We do this in four main ways:


We provide tools and stories of what others are doing. You can use our resource center, connect to specialists or have a chat with someone at WEAll California. Our website is full of ideas you can use and we hold conversations with subject matter experts.

Wellbeing Government

Our Wellbeing Government program is designed to create momentum in your community. Read more here

We Build Spaces for Connection and Sharing

We hold monthly convenings to meet people from other organizations and locations working to build just economies and beloved communities. We also hope to start peer to peer learning groups in early 2024.

Free, Fee or Fundraise Together 

We provide as many of our resources at no cost, but many projects need more time and support.  Our services can range from one time collaboration to long term collaboration.  In addition to our knowledge of democratic and economic strategies, our expertise includes facilitation, consensus building, running city wide events, and co-fundraising.

You can read more about our first local project in Pomona here.