Pomona Valley Wellbeing Project

WEAll California’s first local wellbeing economy project is in the city of Pomona.  The project is a partnership between the Latino and Latina Roundtable, the Institute for Ecological Civilization, the Wellbeing Economy Alliance, and Pomona community leaders. 

As of June 2023,  we are two years into our work and are excited for the project to grow this year.   A second round of funding will be starting soon which will allow us to hire two staff for the project.

In 2022, we built our core team, met with City Officials and started developing a larger coalition of organizations within the community.  We held several community based meetings.   Our first group of meetings was to get feedback on creating wellbeing economies in Pomona.  

In December, we held two community information events on how to create and sustain employee owned businesses.

Our focus for the next 6 months is to:

  • Expand our Core Team
  • Grow an ongoing coalition within the community
  • Hold more community education and feedback meetings
  • Hosting information sessions to build an Employee Owned Business Ecosystem
  • Begin planning an “Anchor Institution” Local Purchasing Model

If you would like to learn more, feel free to contact us, watch the following video or read our Mission Statement below.

mission statement for pomona valley wellbeing project

Our mission is to build a new economy that supports the wellbeing of all residents, particularly those who have historically been marginalized or exploited and those who today have access to the least amounts of wealth. 

We recognize that, in addition to the harm that poverty causes to those who experience it, poverty and extreme inequality are threats to democratic governance and the prosperity of all. 

We also recognize that the economy and the environment are closely linked, and that biodiversity and an environment free of pollution are essential components of human wellbeing. We therefore see the climate emergency as a wellbeing issue, and we seek economic forms that will preserve and restore the natural world.   

To drive this economic transformation, we are pursuing three areas of action: 

  • We are engaging all Pomona residents, through grassroots and grasstops organizing, dialogues involving community members and political and industry leaders, and public events. 
  • We are working with city leaders to implement policies that put wellbeing first.
  • We are launching a community wealth building project to improve the material wellbeing of low income Pomona residents. 

We envision a future in which the way people live and work in Pomona is one piece of a larger wellbeing economy, without poverty and exploitation, and supporting a truly inclusive, multiracial democracy. We seek collaboration with all who are already working toward this goal. 


If you or your organization is interested in forming a wellbeing city just like the one in Pomona, please feel free to visit this page or contact us at connect@weallcalifornia.org  for more details.