The Power of Coalitions

WEAll California believes that creating a strong and sustained coalition across sectors is the key to accelerating positive, healthy change.

By learning to transcend differences and work together, we learn new perspectives which enriches us.  We begin to see hidden possibilities and our new larger coalition can get the attention from groups that have a disproportionate amount of power in our public sphere.

Yet, we know that diverse coalitions can be fragile.  So the work to sustain coalitions is as important as the forming process.

WEAll is fascinated by the mindsets, spaces and practices that help Coalitions thrive.

We want to study and promote these tools to strengthen existing coalitions, build a cross-sector Alliance throughout California and bridge to other specialized groups around the world.

  • Develop platforms that allow networked coalitions to collaborate more efficiently
  • Do the inner work needed to Collaborate Better
  • Build common spaces and events that nourish the soul and creativity
  • Accelerate progress towards a collective vision through learning exchanges
  • Understand the importance of Narrative and Framing
  • Develop ways to prevent corruption of networks
  • Ensure that Inclusive Decision Making does not turn into paralysis of inaction
  • Look with honesty at the ways that Collaboration unravels

We welcome you into our Monthly Convenings where we exchange ideas and experiences.  WEAll can also work with you on your local project.

Further Reading

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