Building Shared Vision

Building Shared Vision

If we were to create our ideal vision of what our community would look and feel likehow might we describe it?

Rallying around a common hope for the world we want to build can be more impactful than simply declaring what we’re against. Wondering about, dreaming about and sharing your vision so that we can collectively create a shared vision is an important part of creating a healthy community. In this, our sharing also shapes the community and opens up new possibilities that might not have seemed possible before. Here are some features of our vision of a world that works for all.

It starts with how we connect with others. Individually and collectively we would cultivate the tools that help us talk to each other in supportive and loving ways. In ways that help us understand perspectives we can’t see ourselves. When conflict arises, we would be all well skilled in the art of healthy conflict resolution.

We are embraced by our communities and feel a kinship with them. Each member of the community feels a sense of responsibility for the health and wellbeing of all individuals and the nature that nourishes us.

We practice various forms of democracy and collaboration in a joyful manner. Our participation gives us hope for democracy worldwide and produces tangible results that benefits us and our community. In our practices, we see how each is an important part of the wholehow each interaction, each person, each relationship, each group affects the whole.

As we work together, we alter our physical landscape to match the desired feelings that we want our city design to inspire. We create programs and spaces that make people feel safer, more connected and improve our ability to function in a thriving way.