Energy Efficient Buildings

Energy Efficient Buildings

There are a multitude of ways that buildings could be improved to reduce their impact on climate:

  • Insulation
  • Air Conditioning systems & Refrigerants
  • Construction Materials

For now, we will focus on . . . 

Building Electrification (BE)

BE is a fast growing movement to get homes and businesses to switch from using natural gas to electricity. The benefit of electricity is it can come from one of several renewable energy sources. 

Natural gas contributes to global warming. When natural gas is extracted out of the ground, it leaks into the atmosphere. It also leaks out from pipes or your gas stove.

Currently, multiple cities are passing ordinances that new construction must use electricity and not natural gas.

Of course, it is great that NEW construction will be electric. 

Our bigger challenge is with existing homes and buildings. Aside from the cost of new appliances and renovations, many people feel that gas stoves are better for cooking which causes more resistance to switching to electric. 

How do we convince people that these changes are needed to keep our temperatures from climbing faster and faster? Perhaps this will take 10 or more years to convince them, so we need to begin our education campaign now.