Innovations in Community Wellbeing Metrics

How do you use metrics to not only drive change, but increase civic engagement from community members? Two organizations are partnering to make metrics part of a story that community members feel invested in and can relate to.

Dark Matter Labs and the David Suzuki Foundation are collaborating on a program in Canada where communities participate in setting the metrics that matter to them. Through an innovative approach, the qualities that matter to a community are turned into “cornerstone indicators” – metrics that are underpinned by numerous factors yet remain relatable human stories.

Maddy Capozzi, Emily Harris and Vlad Afanasiev of Dark Matter Labs, alongside Tara Campbell and Maham Kaleem of David Suzuki Foundation, will step us through two previous projects as well as their brand new pilot in Canada.

Join Us – Tuesday, April 23 at 9am Pacific

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