What do we do about Monopolies if we really want a Wellbeing Economy

Monopolies extort consumers and workers, rob entrepreneurs and small businesses of opportunity, and subject our communities to the whims of absentee executives in faraway headquarters. What tools do we have to challenge the concentration of corporate power and bolster free, fair, and competitive markets at the state and local levels?

In 2023, Democracy Policy Network launched their Anti-Monoply Kit to help states develop their own strategy and learn what is working across the country.

Michael Swerdlow and Basel Musharbash will step up through the basic concepts of Anti-Trust legal frameworks to keep businesses and Monopolies in check.   They will review potential CA state legislative options as well as how we can support Federal Anti-Trust work.

Michael is the Anti-Monopoly Director for Democracy Policy Network.

Basel is an antitrust and community-development lawyer with Antimonopoly Counsel, a Texas law firm that represents farmers, workers, small businesses and local governments in advocacy and litigation aimed at righting the wrongs of concentrated corporate power — and building a free and fair economy for all.

Join us Thursday, February 22 at 4pm Pacific.  Michael and Basel will answer your questions.   SIGN UP HERE